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Oral Presentations: Formal, individual presentations on various conservation topics will be scheduled in general sessions depending on the specific “Track”
in which it was submitted and the thematic content.

The abstract submission form requires the selection of a preferred presentation format (oral) and whether you are submitting your abstract as an individual or part of an organized panel. The Session Chair may suggest that you change your proposed format depending on the novelty, relationship to the theme, available time in the program,
and whether or not the content has been previously presented.

All presenters must be
registered conference participants.

Please, do not submit the same abstract in multiple formats.




Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, and Agronomy of Cannabis

1.    Advances in Cannabis Plant Science and Cultivation
2.    Cannabis Genomics and Genetics
3.    Chemistry and Biochemistry of Cannabinoid Synthesis and Biosynthesis
4.    Frontiers in Separation and Detection of Minor Cannabinoids and Concomitant Molecules
5.    The Use of GMOs & Pesticides in the Legal Cannabis Industry
6.    Update on National Fiber/Grain Hemp Variety Trials
7.    Update on the National Essential Oil Hemp Variety Trials
8.    Update on the National Hemp Germplasm Collection

Business and Economic Development 

1.    Cannabis and Hemp Development in Indian Country
2.    Cannabis in Ecuador
3.    Climate Smart Hemp and a Circular Bioeconomy
4.    Jersey's Market Seed to Sale
Using Data to Track Procurement Needs and Improve Supply Chain Management

Cannabis Education

1.    Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Cannabis - Brazil
2.    Essential Nursing Knowledge for Endocannabinoid System Care
3.    Growing Diversity in the Cannabis Industry-Educational Programs and Approaches
4.    Six Principles of Essential Nursing Knowledge: National Nursing Guideline for Medical Marijuana
5.    The Present and Future of Cannabis in Higher Education
6.    Watching a New Educational Market Unfold
7.    Why Standards Are Needed in Cannabis Education

Hemp Cultivation, Processes, and Uses



1.    Biology and Management of Cannabis Pests and Diseases
2.    CBD and THC Toxicity and Overdose
3.    Hemp as Animal Feed: An Update on Current Research, Method Development, and the

       Regulatory  Environment
4.    Hemp Building Products: Manufacturing and Applications
5.    Potential Use of Hemp Byproducts for Farm Animals and Pets
6.    Rooting Hormone and Propagation Environment Impact Success and Quality of Stem Cuttings from

       ‘i3’ Cannabis
7.    The Varieties of Hemp Processing
8.    What to Expect in the Next 5 Years for Fiber Hemp
9.    Working Towards a Sustainable Hemp Industry in the U.S.

Medical and Clinical Research

1.    Cannabinoids: Drug Interactions and Substitutions
2.    Cannabis, Exercise, and Health: How It’s Used, and Its Known Effects
3.    Clinical Cannabis Research to Uncover Neurobiological Effects of Cannabis on Users
4.    Emerging Patient-centered Medical Cannabis Research
5.    Epidemiology and Public Health
6.    Implications of Cannabis and Sleep
7.    Provider Review:  Evaluating Individual Criteria to Support Cannabis Use Disorder
8.    Up in Smoke & Age: Examining Medical Cannabis Use & Treatment Options in Older Populations

       Within Medically Vulnerable Communities in Georgia

9.   Using Technologies to Advance Cannabis Research and Personalize Medical Outcomes for Patients

Public Policy and Regulation

1.    Colorado Hemp Remediation, Testing, and State Plan Implementation in 2022
2.    Fostering Interactions Between Policy Makers, Regulators, and Researchers
3.    Navigating the Shifting Regulatory Ecosystem of Cannabis and Hemp Research at an R1 Large University
4.    Policy Definitions Backed by Science: Alternatives to “Impairing,” “Intoxicating,” “Psychotropic” Substances
5.    Problems in Cannabis Regulation
6.    Safety Considerations for Traffic Safety Following Cannabis Use
7.    The Future of Cannabis Regulation: Delta-8, Minor Cannabinoids, and a Patchwork of State Regulations
8.    The National Policy Scene
9.    Update on HB 21-1317

Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Cannabis Products

1.    Strategies to Ensure Optimal Cannabis Quality
2.    The Mystery of Mycotoxin Testing in Cannabis and Hemp Products

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