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The 8th annual Cannabis Research Conference (CRC) will be held on August 7-9, 2024, at Colorado State University-Fort Collins.

The Cannabis Research Conference (CRC) is an annual scientific meeting focused on advancing cannabis science, encompassing both hemp and marijuana.  We unite leading researchers, innovators, and industry stakeholders, embracing all dimensions of diversity.  We are committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive community for all those interested in cannabis research, irrespective of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, location, physical ability, or sexual orientation.


This is a multi-disciplinary, three-day conference that explores the latest in cannabis science and innovation for applications in medicines, foods, materials, and textiles that can improve people’s lives and society. 

The CRC has become a cornerstone in the cannabis research calendar, allowing attendees to explore recent advances and future possibilities in cannabis science. The conference program is expected to include a variety of presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, covering topics from medical applications of cannabis to the impact of cannabis legislation.

The CRC promises to be a dynamic and informative event, reflecting the rapid evolution and growing importance of cannabis research.

This conference allows you to connect with the brightest innovators addressing unique and timely topics and will feature:

  • More than 100 Live Presentations

  • Exhibit Hall

  • Poster Hall 

  • Student Poster Content and More!

There is no better time or place to connect with cannabis experts actively conducting new research and business ventures in:

  • Business and Economic Development

  • Cannabis* and Society (Public Policy, Regulation, Legal Landscape, Impacts on Research, Social Impacts)

  • Cannabis* Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Physiology, and Cultivation

  • Cannabis* Education

  • Cannabis* Products Quality Assurance and Quality Control 

  • Post-harvest Processing, Material Manufacturing, Utilization for Livestock and Industrial Uses

  • Public Health Sciences (Medicine, Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Clinical Research)

Join us in exploring NEW cannabis research frontiers...

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