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Dr. Nirit Bernstein is a senior research scientist at Volcani Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel. She is the first scientist in Israel to study whole plant cannabis and her research projects focus on development of cultivation techniques for Cannabis sativa, and cannabis
physiology. Nirit has a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of California, Davis USA, and a B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Bernstein is an associate editor of the 'Journal of Cannabis research', she is a member of editorial boards of 7 international scientific journals, editor of special issues in scientific journals, and she published more than 100 peer reviewed academic publications, invited
reviews and book chapters. Nirit is a lecturer of three graduate level courses at the Hebrew University, Israel, including a course on "Medical Cannabis".

Dr. Bernstein’s specializes in regulation of plant derived pharmaceuticals in medicinal plants by manipulation of environmental and agronomic treatments; optimization of agrotechniques for environmentally stressed plants; mineral nutrition of plants, and plant
stress physiology.

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